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Hey guys, Kyle here.

First off I want to say that now the Star Wars: The Force Awakens has hit theaters, there will be spoilers aplenty. I won't be seeing it until sometime either before or after Christmas but please guys be careful with spoilers when it comes to that movie. I am gonna avoid them like the plague until I see it next week.
Now with that said, it really has been a while hasn't it? Well a lot of things have been happening to me lately from family to work and especially Christmas shopping this year. Here's hoping that 2016 will be less hectic for me.

However I have been busy and to those who still watch me on deviantART, 4 days ago, uploaded my yearly Christmas review on here. For those who don't know my review is on the Peanuts special "She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown" which you can find here.

She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown Review
Well it’s December again and you know what that means. Christmastime is just around the corner. And every year in December, I always do a review of something Christmas related. Last Year however I didn’t do anything Christmas related but instead paid tribute to one of my favorite characters. This time however………is another tribute to another one of my favorite characters. But this one however is different. Instead of a list I am going to look at a special I have never seen before until now. And it is a special based around the popular comic strip made by the late Charles Schultz,
Ever since I saw the Peanuts Movie I asked myself, why did I forget the Peanuts? Like Phineas and Ferb, the Peanuts were a huge part of my life. I saw, and read a lot of the comics in the newspapers when I was a kid, I watched the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show when it was on Nickelodeon, and I loved watching the specials….kinda. You see the only specials I saw

But now you're probably wondering what the heck is going on.

What happened to the Phineas and Ferb lists and the Star Vs. The Forces of Evil retrospective?

Well in regards to the Phineas and Ferb lists that I kept promising over and over again will be up soon, I was burned out by working on them. I think it's probably because of working on multiple lists at the same time.

So for the time being, I am putting the project on hold. The same goes for the Star Vs. retrospective as well.

That's really all I wanted to say. So in conclusion, I hope you all enjoy the review and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Kyle is out PEACE :peace::D
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RocketSonic Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2015  Student General Artist
Merry Christmas Merry christmas everybody 
Austria-Man Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
Thanks for the fave.
RocketSonic Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Student General Artist
Happy Thanks Giving! :D
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Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Dude, I just realized something humorous looking through old journals... that Yuna drawing from way back in 2012 never saw the light of day, now did it? LOL!

Hope things have been well with you the last while, BTW! :)
022288knarrow Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015
I'm fine. I just got home from work and about to get some sleep.

Yeah sorry about that. A LOT has been happening ranging from being unemployed last year to finding a Job, to working on that job and helping the family.

Oh and playing some video games. I got SO addicted to Pokémon, Ocarina of TIme and Majora's Mask on 3DS XD

Also it has been a long time sine I draw and when I drew something, it really didn't turn out well. That's what I get not drawing for two or three years. ^^;

I should've said something in a journal entry that I was putting any drawing projects on hold for the time being until I get better at drawing again.

For now, I am doing a Phineas and Ferb retrospective of my favorite things about the show, A Star Vs. Retrospective of the first season, Starting a new review series next year and other things.

Once I go back to drawing again which will probably be a long time before that happens, you will be the first to know. ^_^
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Good to hear then! :)

Ah, no worries at all then, I just found it kinda funny looking back at older journal entries- I look forward to future prospects from ya, even if any drawings will be a LONG way away. Best of luck! :D
HyperForceGo Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hey Kyle you free to help me wanna trade?
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Thank you very much for the fav!!
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